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Today, life is more meaningful than ever.  Living it on your own terms is a privilege we hold dear, but seniors need help from time to time. This is why The Meadows at St. George champions a harmony of both: the desire to preserve personal freedom & the wisdom to embrace assistance.  All residents find the attentive care and compassion they need to make the most of every day. We never limit life for any of our residents. On the contrary, we enhance it. It is this empowering philosophy that makes our senior community a great new place to call home. It’s a safe, worry-free and wonderfully social alternative to living alone or to the nursing home. It’s your life. Only better.  Schedule your tour today!


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I have been at the Meadows for 3 1/2 years. Before I moved here I had looked at several different homes in California, but they were dark dismal. My children Maren and Del were moving to Mesquite to retire, so we decided we would look there, and here in St. George. The moment we walked into the premises, it was bright cheerful and everyone was friendly. We came back three times and the third time we made the deposit to save a room for me, a one bedroom. I moved from California and moved into my apartment #142 and have enjoyed every minute.
The doctors here are all so friendly and listen to you and know that you are in good hands. The help here is also kind and generous and will help you when you need them. Also our aids and Head Nurse are very gracious.
They have a permanet driver that on Mondays takes you on your special shopping day where ever you want to go. They have Bingo everyday but Friday and Sunday, craft classes, bus rides to get acquainted with the area, shopping at Albertsons, K-Mart, Harmons, and Wal-Mart. I have even been taken to Ocasco. We have special holiday programs: Valentines, Birthdays, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. And special programs they surpirse us with.
A good cook and waitress service.
Yes, I know and realize there can be some complaints, that is normal when you figure there is approximately 130 resident's but as a whole I am sure we all respect it. Some of our resident's have been here 13 to 15 years and I think this is quite a compliment.