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Today, life is more meaningful than ever.  Living it on your own terms is a privilege we hold dear, but seniors need help from time to time. This is why The Meadows at St. George champions a harmony of both: the desire to preserve personal freedom & the wisdom to embrace assistance.  All residents find the attentive care and compassion they need to make the most of every day. We never limit life for any of our residents. On the contrary, we enhance it. It is this empowering philosophy that makes our senior community a great new place to call home. It’s a safe, worry-free and wonderfully social alternative to living alone or to the nursing home. It’s your life. Only better.  Schedule your tour today!


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Cheryl Casper

My life at the Meadows begain on September 11, 2006. I had been living in my own home until I had a massive stroke. After hospitalization and rehabilitation, my brother told me he had found a great place for me to live in St. George.
I told him that I did not want to move to St. George and that I wanted to return to my own home in Mesquite, Nevada. My brother asked me to try the Meadows for just two weeks and if I was not happy, he promised to take me home.
I did move to the Meadows and upon my arrival I was met by staff who escorted me to my apartment. When I saw the apartment, I said, 'This is cute, who lives here?' They replied, 'You do.' The apartment was so warm and inviting and felt like home. All the staff and residents were so kind to me and after only four days at the Meadows, I called my brother and said, 'Thank you for bringing me to the Meadows. I love it.' I have lived here ever since and I still love it.